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Ellem Jewellery was founded on the principles of adventure, happiness and sustainability. My designs are a combination of influences from my immediate surroundings; forms and patterns found in nature, and ancient jewellery from the Etruscan, Roman and Greek cultures. I draw on a recent 10 month campervan trip to Italy for my latest collection, 'Citrus'.

Luxurious yellow gold encasing characterful gemstones in colours that make you dream of new adventures and encapsulate happy memories coming soon!

Wearable treasures to accompany you on life's journey.


Behind every decision that is made at Ellem, is the knowledge that we must change the way we live and consume for the benefit of the environment and us as people. In an age where digital technology and machines are the norm, it's important to show human connection and not lose touch with ancient metalworking techniques.

I want to encourage these values through my designs and making process by using recycled gold, ethically sourced gemstones and traditional goldsmithing skills.

Handmade in my West Yorkshire studio, inspired by the world.



Lisa Mortimer

I was born in Hong Kong to a German mother and English/Argentinian father, growing up in Holland during my formative years. I cannot easily place my sense of identity, as I grew up influenced by a mix of cultures. I believe it’s not just where you’re from that defines who you are but you are an accumulation of every day of your life.

I take inspiration from joyful moments and experiences, not just from one place but from many months of travelling all over the globe. I want to capture happy moments and turn them into eternity. I want my jewellery to bring positivity and joy to people who wear and see it. I love the idea of harnessing something precious and then sharing that with others.


For now, my studio is in West Yorkshire but the dream is to live and work in Italy.

I have always been creative and loved making cards, decorating candles, photo frames, prints etc. as gifts for as long as I can remember. Hands on making is just something I have to do.

After studying for an Art and Design degree at Leeds University, working in commercial jewellery repair workshops, completing apprenticeships, and attending the renowned residential course that is Bishopsland Educational Trust, I'm going full steam ahead with my creative adventure.

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