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Please note that each product is hand made and therefore unique. Slight variations in form and material are part of the unique character of the work.

All matte and textured metals will eventually become shinier and display a natural polished effect with time and wear, this is part of the metal's character as it likes to smooth itself. Highly polished metal will also take on daily wear marks over time, but I like the fact a piece will change and develop with you as it is worn.

Clean regularly with a soft toothbrush, liquid soap and warm water to avoid any build up of dirt and keep the stones looking lustrous.

Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities. This will ensure that your jewellery does not get accidentally damaged.

Beauty and cleaning products can react with precious stones and metals, causing your jewellery to tarnish, discolour and even possibly corrode. Please put your jewellery on last, after applying and cosmetics, scents and sprays.

When storing your jewellery, I recommend doing so in airtight boxes or bags. Exposure to the environment can cause your silver jewellery to tarnish (oxidise) as the metal reacts with oxygen over time. Storing it sensibly will keep it looking newer for longer. If your silver jewellery has oxidised, you can use a silver polishing cloth to remove the oxide.
Take extra care when cleaning jewellery set with stones and pearls, some stones are much softer and more sensitive than others. If you have any questions about this please contact me and I'd be happy to advise. 


If a piece of jewellery you purchased needs repair I am of course happy to do this. I assess repairs on a case-by-case basis, sometimes I will do the repair, or if you're not local to me I may advise you to go to a jeweller who is a trusted contact of mine. I am committed to making you happy so please contact me as soon as possible if you experience any issues with your jewellery.

Although the pieces are designed to change with wear, moulding and adapting to the wearer’s lifestyle and habits through the years, I am happy to recondition items and return their original finish. Textured surfaces on precious metal are superficial, gentle matte finishes will smooth out with wear. Please contact me if you’d like to have the piece's original finish.

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